Cats are the alphabet in the language of the internet

This is amazing:

I think this hits just about all the things I love about our internet-driven pop culture.  I love the internet!  When people make big announcements on Facebook about going on a “Facebook diet for a while” or I have to explain a very popular old meme, I get confused.  This is our language!  And it’s mostly filled with cats and rainbows and the desire to make other people laugh through worldwide inside-jokes.  If you’re gonna tell me Facebook is just full of boring descriptions of daily routines and inane photos of food, I just don’t understand you.  That burger looked AMAZING.

via Buzzfeed
via Buzzfeed

In this post on “21 Cats That Aren’t Striking the Right Work-Life Balance” we have something very beautiful.  First: photos of cats, and cats making funny faces, at that.  Why do you complain about photos of cats?  They’re great.

Next: short but specific captions told in the voice of a cat with the spirit of an angsty late 20-something.  I love this one: “

11. Just another Friday night, trying to get to zero inbox.

I know that Gen Y is generally categorized as lazy, needy narcissists, but just about all of my friends understand this very particular minute pain.  It is a defeated, muffled feeling that is hard to describe with words.  So we add cats.

I believe in the power of Buzzfeed.


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