Saying that which is unsaid

I love Twilight.  There, I said it.  I’m an educated feminist and so I don’t bring this up in many conversations.  But it remains an undeniable fact.

I spent a long time dissecting the little threads of art.  I’m not that old, but I spent a good portion of my life in school, pursuing various degrees in areas of fine art.  And after all that tedium; studying, writing, articulating, I decided I was done.  I want art that I like.  Art that is pretty, makes me happy, makes me think, and speaks a language I understand.  I believe there’s something very strong and primal in common symbols that we all understand.

I think that teaching visual literacy and working to understand everything visual we consume everyday – pop-up ads, soda commercials, the design of a building – is an essential skill that needs to be taught to everyone just as we are taught to read.  And I think that anyone who mindlessly bemoans pop culture as evil brain junk-food is a boring snob or someone who hasn’t thought about it quite enough.

That’s a broad swath of things to be interested in, but I have to start somewhere.  I’ll be writing about movies, books, tv, music, and advertisement.  I’ll be writing about Twilight and Nicholas Cage. . .a lot.  I have a reading list that I want to share.  And lots of Brandon Bird art to post.

I’m not doing this to preach or to argue.  I have negative desire to argue with strangers on the internet.  I just like writing, talking about art of all kinds, and it makes me sad that my generation seems to be so poorly misunderstood.  I hope we can be friends.


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