Social media hiring tortures

Twitter Hire by Greg Limperis on Ed Tech Digest.

This guy recently was looking at social media jobs and found one on twitter.  Applicants had to “apply” using only twitter’s 140 characters, and were judged based on their internet footprint.

This sounds dreadful to me.  Couldn’t even a social media guru-for-hire have a modicum of personal privacy?  If I make Sharpie pens for a living I don’t want my employers coming to count how many I have in my house to prove I’m good for the job.

I suppose there are actually millennial who completely thrive on this sort of exposure and work-life blur, but I personally don’t know any.  Maybe it’s because my 30 and 40-something peers have been in the work world for a while and have learned from that experience.  I’m thinking this is more a huge demand from an employer for probably a mid-level job, and them taking advantage of social media boundary blurs to get more work out of you.  Let me know when you find the 20-something who loves writing e-mails at the bar at 11pm.


2 thoughts on “Social media hiring tortures

  1. I’ve actually gotten a job like this before, and it’s really not as invasive as it sounds. What they’re mainly looking for is to make sure that you understand how to use various social media sites. Would you hire someone to run social media who only tweets twice a week? Most people in the industry keep separate private accounts for themselves and public accounts for businessey stuff. Social media is all about connecting!

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