Things That Are The Best: Street Fighter the Movie (1994)

Legitimately as an adult enjoying the Street Fighter movie.  I mean, it is awful.  But it knows it’s awful, and is actually kind of smart at times.  Plus: Raul Julia!  Better than any Bond villain.  The world mourns.


We Gen X/Millennials are exceedingly nostalgic, but we truly did have a shared childhood vocabulary of shows, toys, and memories.  I also secretly like to think there is a secret, cinematic quality that can be in any film, good or “bad”, to really make it a good story.  I believe that a simple but well-told story can elevate any movie of any budget.  I guess that’s what I’m really out to do: look in unexpected corners for good stories, and figure out the qualities that they all share.  Whether they’re Oscar winners or mindless pop.



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