Things that are the Best

NotTildaSwinton on twitter.  Pure poetry.  I hope this turns out to secretly be someone I know.










I am interested in anonymous internet actors.  Even if they’re doing it to get a gig, or eventually reveal their identities, I love that people are tweaking their reality in quite genius ways for mass, free entertainment.

I also know that the internet hate/gossip machine can be a terrible, destructive thing.  But I think that as sad as some may interpret this, there’s quite a bit of long-time media family love in the Gen X/Millennial generations.  We all know every moment of Full House, are awaiting Rick Moranis, and are so happy to welcome Michael J. Fox back into our house.  The internet love is strong and nostalgic.

So I hope that people will see these sort of critiques, witticisms, and satire as a great conversation about who we like and why we like them.  Sure, the internet’s front page can be cliche and pandering, but on the whole stories about kindness, charity, heroism, and beauty get promoted the most.  (Okay – conjecture.  But let’s entertain it as a thought.  I stopped doing citations when I finished my masters.)

So write on, you lovely internet scribes!  Your beloved 80’s tv actor will rise again at the next reunion!


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