White House Down

Weekend Box Office 6/28/13 from Forbes’ Scott Mendelson

You know, maybe one day I will watch White House Down on a boring afternoon or plane ride.  I do enjoy the big summer political intrigue blockbuster.  But I am kind of offended that in 2013, production companies think that what we want is the President shooting people.  I think it’s safe to say that we are not exactly in a period of safety and comfort in our countrywide political state of mind.  So no, Roland Emmerich, thinking about the White House being overtaken by hostile forces, the secret service and military members taken out, and the President being forced into inflicting bodily harm onto people does not really inspire me to run to the theaters.

Channing Tatum Shankbone 2010 NYC
Channing Tatum Shankbone 2010 NYC (Photo credit: david_shankbone)

Emmerich is really a contemptuous filmmaker.  He deals inthe treacly disaster dreams of a certain subset of America (and apparently the rest of the world, if his international numbers are taken into account) of disaster, survival, and the dissipation of typical political and social mores.  You know, back to the good old days, where the person with a gun (or airplane or spaceship or military aircraft) is the hero and sets the rules.  His currency is the most basic and vulnerable emotions of shock, grief, fear, and outrage and he crosses any line to appeal to them.  Ugh.  I see him as profiteering from worldwide unrest and the very complicated emotions it creates.


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