It’s time to talk about Twilight

Well, I’ve been away, and I’ve been writing false starts for ages. It’s time to start talking about Twilight.

Let’s get a few things straight:
*We’re talking about the movies, not the horrible books
*The audience is me, a late 20-something feminist lady
*I agree that the movies are terribly horrible (but argue that is part of the charm)
*you gotta hear me out

Listen: without backstory, if I were to tell you about this B-movie campy film with an A-movie budget about a high school vampire romance with bad wigs, you wouldn’t be into it? I certainly would! I admit, I have no shame. I like to think of it as being honestly in touch with my true feelings.

And oh my god. The wigs.

As we speak I am watching New Moon, which is my least favorite of the franchise. But even still, there are so many things I love. Another list.

Things I Love About Twilight:
*Robert Patterson hates Twilight
*It’s shiny and pretty
*ZOMG bad vampire wigs!

I promise I’ll be more concise and have citations later. But right now, that’s all I got.

Here is what I leave you with. Who doesn’t want their sexy vampire boyfriend walking towards them in a breeze across the high school parking lot while the Hurricane Bells plays?



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