The Edward-is-a-Dick drinking game

Uggggh. Edward is such a dick. All the time. Robert Patterson, who hates Twilight and understands it better than most mortals, once said in an interview that he saw Edward as a bipolar, sociopathic dick and that’s how he played him. To perfection.

A fun weekday drinking game is to watch the entire Twilight series and take a drink when Edward isn’t a total dick. You’ll be as sober as a priest on Sunday the next morning for work!

An interesting thing to note here, while I watch Edward lie to Bella and leave her in the woods to die, is Stephanie Meyer’s corollaries with Christianity and Mormonism. New Moon, very clearly, is about man’s attempts to live without God/Christ. In my religious days we spent a lot of time talking about a God-shaped vacuum inside all of us – an impossibility to live completely without accepting God/Jesus into your life. Bella’s painful and pathetic suffering is supposed to showing the impossibility of her living without Edward. Edward is God here. Let’s just meditate on that a moment. God is like a dickish, lying boyfriend.


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