Reasons why Steve Roggenbuck is The One

Sometimes you are privileged enough to recognize greatness early on.  Greatness is Steve Roggenbuck, modern internet poet.  He’s maybe the first but definitely the most successful and talented at bringing poetry and meaning into the 21st century and into our pinterest feeds.

He’s it.  He may still spend his life sleeping on couches and selling zines online to eat.  But he’s it.

A Reason Why Steve Roggenbuck is The One:

Poetry as gifs.  Poetry as youtube compilations.  Poetry as a tumblr and a base design helvetica shareable wisdom jpeg.  Poetry as things you actually use in your everyday lives.

The other zeitgeist he’s onto: complete vulnerability + extreme positivity.  We want to know everything about you and at the end of that story we want to know that life is good and good things are happening, even with the bad.  Like the moon.

Or as Steve says:




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