The Neverending Marvel Story

Ryan Britt writes on The Awl about Comic Book Movies and the Forgotten Art of the Ending.  Was The Avengers really so confusing to the common man?

His thesis, or subject I suppose, is that Marvel has elevated the comic book movies into comic book-like installments themselves, with ongoing and intertwining plots that seem endless.  As such, closure is never had (or something of that nature).

My counterargument is: what about the serial?  The serial has been standard in storytelling for ages.  In movies, we have to only think back to Star Trek which has 11 iterations, most of them in the 70’s and 80’s, with who knows how many different show universes.  There were six Superman movies in the 70’s/80’s and something like 2-3 recent ones, along with Lois & Clark the tv show, Smallville, and endless cartoons.  We can probably also look to Godzilla and the monster-of-the-week genre to see how much we like to see the same thing over and over again, when it’s fun.



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