14 reasons we suddenly find Petyr Baelish extremely attractive

1. Gillen is a character actor and has a secret boner all through The Mountain and the Viper.

2. Related but not contradictory: Aidan Gillen is just bringing it right now.

3. Secretly ship GothSansa/Petyr (no no no we are horrible).

4. Smart is sexy and heedless, weaselly cunning is kind of like smart?






5. Someone slipping us a love potion in our pre-episode beer.

6. Hormones.

7. Accent confusion distracts and distorts our emotions.

8. Just really like lemon cakes.

9. We’ve got a thing for salt and pepper.









10. We were bored and he was, you know, just kind of there.

11. “Mockingbird” triggered our Hunger Games endorphins.

12. We like a well-cut tunic.

13. Remember when Ned Stark was still alive, and he just needed a shower like, every moment?






14. Oberyn, Ned, Robb, and Renly dead.



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