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Leave a tender moment alone…

TBBT Gets It Right: Sex edition.

Nerds ruin romantic moments.  It just happens.  They’re used to being funny, and uncomfortable with with being serious.  So romantic moments: ruined.

For the first year we were dating, my husband and my song was “Leave a Tender Moment Alone” by Billy Joel.  I still hum the refrain regularly in bed.  It is just the way of things.


TBBT Gets It Right

I’ve often joked, to myself, in my head, that I should start a film/tv review site where I review everything six months after it comes out.  This is not particularly wise, but it reflects my situation, which is that I am a homebody who loves movies.  I’ve recently had to make a conscious effort to go see films I want to support.  Soooo I just happen to really get into things that everyone has long since left behind as the last greatest thing.

In this case, we’re not at six months, but six years.  Because I am in love with the Big Bang Theory.

So in love.  I apologize if you don’t like it, because I just bought seasons 1-5 and they’re in the mail.  And sometimes I get a little. . .obsessive.

Sometime later I want to write about fandoms and obsessions, as I seem to be the kind of person prone to their lure.  And the internet really grew up around them.  But that’s for another day.

This is just an introduction to my Big Bang Theory obsession, and I wanted to start a new series: The Big Bang Theory Gets It Right.  As a lady nerd married to a(n extremely handsome) nerd, I feel I am an expert on nerd love and life.  So we’ll be talking about those that really sound true.


Today: Nerds in love.

When nerds are in love, they absolutely sit on the edge of their seat with a goofy look of adoration on their faces as they watch you do the thing you love.  That look is 100%.  Johnny Galecki’s sweet sincerity is a gift to us all!