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Things my Followers in Skyrim have thought

They live to serve me (sexy), but sometimes. . .

“Sure, let’s just wander into this vampire castle.  I’m the only mortal here still alive, but I’m sure it will be fine.”

“It’s fine, I’ll take on all these guys while you hunt for treasure.  I’m good to go.”


“Do you really need 1000 pounds of shit on this trip?  I run your household, I know you don’t need the money.”

“Oh so you’re a werewolf now?  Ok I guess that’s cool.”

“Wait wait, now you’re a vampire feeding off the innocent?  Can we at least avoid my family…oh nevermind.”

“Sure, let’s rob the dead and the burial urns.  No respect for the dead is in now.”

“Can we NOT annoy the giant and his mammoths this time?  Just once…ok fine.”

“Now we’re summoning Dremora lords.  Does that mean we’re partners?  I kind of have this religious thing…”

“Ok.  Lead a sacrifice to Boethiah.  I guess you know best.”

and finally…

“Ahh, it’s been three months, and I’ve served you faithfully.  We’ve carried off more gold than one man can count.  I think 25% is a good share. . .wait, what?”